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  • "I highly recommend Tidewater Property Management to any HOA, condominium association or multi-family property owner for the outstanding service Tidewater's staff provides to its clients. Tidewater's staff is highly professional, competent and capable. Tidewater Property Management has been one of the best property management companies I have worked with over the past 23 years of law practice."
    Customer: Tony
    Date: 06/29/2018

  • "I spoke with Steve Wolf today regarding some major issues I'm having in my home at The Gathering of Ellicott Mills. He was very informative and appeasing. And without that combination of values I would probably be a nervous wreck right now. Thank you so much for your help."
    Customer: Valerie
    Date: 06/29/2018

  • "Tidewater has been the Property Management Company for our Community from its inception. I have had the pleasure of interfacing with Tidewater for the last year and a half as our communities Treasurer. They have made some very good investments in updating their payment system to our vendors that make it much easier for me to track and approve disbursements. I mainly interface with 3 people, Harriett Baverman, Jessica Ogle and Lauren Stranahan. It is a pleasure to deal with all of them on any topic effecting our community and I find them to be responsive in handling any issues. Lauren is my main point of contact on issues involving our monthly Financial Statements. I cannot say enough about the excellent job she does in this regard. Jessica is always available to help with issues that Lauren cannot handle. Harriet is our communities main point of contact with Tidewater and again does an excellent job."
    Customer: Victor
    Date: 06/29/2018

  • "Tidewater Property Management is a wonderful company to work with."
    Customer: Vincent
    Date: 06/29/2018

  • "Tidewater Property Management is wonderful to work with. They are responsive and knowledgeable. Nothing about their processes is average. which is evident in the final product - organized and well managed properties. Matthew Merckel is a top notch property manager. When there is something to correct, he is on top of the situation until it is resolved. Because of his expertise though, not many issues arise to correct!"
    Customer: Theresa
    Date: 06/27/2018

  • "They do a great job of managing my property. Very responsive. Every time I have a question or a concern they respond to my emails right away. Maria and Shirlette are very thorough. They have handled renter late payments, property issues and even helped with insurance claims from A-Z. They do everything and more that you would expect of Property Managers and constantly remind you of why you hired them in the first place. Would highly recommmend."
    Customer: Tim
    Date: 06/27/2018

  • "Very responsive. Matt M. was helpful with information and a very quick-turnaround regarding an exterior improvement. Highly recommended"
    Customer: Stuart
    Date: 06/25/2018

  • "I have known Andrea Merchant for 5 years and find her to be professional, courteous, and very accommodating."
    Customer: Taylor
    Date: 06/25/2018

  • "Tidewater Property Management has an excellent team. The company works hard to communicate and support all of its new and existing clients and vendors. They truly go out of their way to show how much they value them! Thanks again."
    Customer: Shannon
    Date: 06/22/2018

  • "Have worked with them for 5 years. They do a great job. As a Board member I appreciate all the effort they put in to help us manage our Condo Association."
    Customer: Steve
    Date: 06/22/2018

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