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  • "Our neighborhood has had a number of property management companies and on-site support personnel through the years. Tidewater Property Management and specifically Lisa W. have been true assets for making the day-to-day neighborhood operate. As a homeowner fixit guy I have developed a good working relationship with Lisa. She is very organized, contentious and proactive for getting the job done. Her patience and multitasking skills are fantastic qualities to have as the on-site point of contact in the neighborhood. She is definitely one of the best people we have supporting many different tasks."
    Customer: Bob
    Date: 04/25/2024

  • "I feel truly blessed to have Tidewater, and more specifically Tira, as my communities property management company. The level of service we receive with Tira is beyond expectations. She helps us navigate all aspects of our HOA and really cares about doing what is best for our community. She is detail orientated, responsive to our many questions, transparent and most importantly someone we can always rely on. We have been with Tidewater for over 10 years and their commitment to their customers unmatched. If you are considering a property management company you have to reach out to Tidewater."
    Customer: Rosa
    Date: 04/09/2024

  • "Tidewater Manages my property in Berlin, MD , Sea Oaks Village. I'm very pleased with our manager, Karen Thompson. I've had to reach out to her on several occassions since moving there in 2022. She has always been very quick to respond back to me. She has helped me understand so much and she explains in detail with no question left unanswered. Our conversations either on the phone or in person are always profession and she never makes me feel rushed or that my concerns are not important. I have never belonged to an HOA and she has made this transition super easy Thank You !!!!!"
    Customer: Pamela
    Date: 04/01/2024

  • "We would like to commend Jessica Edwards on displaying exceptional professional ability, and logical application of sound management principals, she was outstandingly successful in guiding the activities of the Homestead HOA. Her exemplary handling of our administrative matters attests to her professional knowledge, willingness to help, attention to detail and the ability to adapt herself to any assignment or situation. Her conscientious actions, diplomatic manner, and astute advice contributed materially to the success of our organization. Thank you Jessica for being there when we needed assistance. We all appreciate your assistance and advise. Tidewater is very lucky to have a employee that demonstrates such devotion to her job. Homestead HOA"
    Customer: David
    Date: 07/19/2023

  • "We own a townhouse in Ellicott City Maryland which we rent and Cody Bishop and his team have found wonderful renters. They have been very polite and efficient. They know the market and can suggest the best market value regarding rent. They also can manage any repairs that are needed. When it's time to sell the townhouse, we will be sure to use their services."
    Customer: William
    Date: 07/13/2023

  • "Since moving to Delaware 9 years ago, we have had three property management companies in our development. Tidewater has been the most professional, hand-on company, far exceeding the two prior companies. They have worked well with both homeowners and our Board of Directors. Day to day issues and concerns are handled promptly by an informed staff headed by Don Gentry. Crystal Marine has been our incredible “go to” contact. she makes sure we are always alerted about upcoming services such as trimming, mowing and fertilizing. We would highly recommend Tidewater Property Management."
    Customer: Paul and Gail
    Date: 04/10/2023

  • "Best HOA management by FAR"
    Customer: Karen
    Date: 04/07/2023

  • "It’s been great having Cody as my rental property manager for many years along with your team and sales agent for both of my two houses recently. From the 1st day I talked to you when I was frantically searching for the new better management company you became my angel to help me navigate 1000 things! You calmly, efficiently, and very professionally assured me everything—literally, will be taken care of and he did!!! From taking over messed up old management company’s files to repairing and cleaning fridge by his hands! That was the start of our ling beautiful landlord-manager relationship… For the past almost 10 years he never changed and was available 24/7 whenever I had a need large or small. My husband and I had rentals for many decades in several different states as absentee long distance landlords and as you can imagine it was rather difficult encountering all kinds of managers, good to bad and Cody has been The Best, uncomfortable to anyone!! I can spend hours to talk about how he worked so wonderfully in helping me over the years. Because of that when I decided to sell my two houses I didn’t even have to think for a second to search for the sales agent, Cody was the one and he proved himself as beyond my expectations of course! He prepared both rentals to market immediately, and within a few days both had offers with great prices::) The process went without a hitch and last Friday was the Settlement day of the 2nd property.. He was on hand all throughout both process with many details he needed to be alert due to the long distance transaction and he did not fail my trust and love for him as my dear agent one bit!! There are so many more things I’d like to talk about him but I truly appreciate his services but more than that his kindness and caring beautiful character… Cody my friend.. It’s been just wonderful having you all these years beside me day and night in helping me manage and sell my properties! I can’t say enough how much I am thankful for you.. Have a continued success in your profession and continue to make others lives easier because of your care."
    Customer: Grace
    Date: 04/06/2023

  • "Cody was fantastic. He spent a lot of time going over our needs and searching for the right home for us. He went above and beyond. A must for Cartus in the future for anyone moving to the Baltimore area."
    Customer: Matthew
    Date: 11/23/2022

  • "I am saying a special thank you to two of the nicest dudes that work for TIDEWATERS in Owings Mills. Fred and Timmy has done a perfect job working on our laundry room ceiling and cleaning the floor. I am so proud of them because i knew they had it in them. I am trilled to announce that if you really want a great job completed please ask for them both. Kudos to both of these gentle souls. Keep up the good work. Truly i really appreciate this from you men. i hope that the staff at TIDEWATERS Owings Mills office will celebrate these men with me. now I can binging my guest to see what a fabulous job they have done. AMEN!!!"
    Customer: ROYAL T.
    Date: 08/17/2022

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