Condo Association Management in Maryland & Virginia

If you live in a condo in Maryland or Virginia, you may be a member of a condo owner association (COA). Perhaps you even serve on the Board of Directors. Do you wish you had a management company to help take some of the burden off your shoulders? If so, Tidewater Property Management is here for you!

As your premier condo association management company in the MD, VA area, we take care of the stressful aspects of running a COA while still keeping the decision-making power within your community. This is ideal since you want the rules and regulations you establish for your community to reflect the area’s values and culture.

We specialize in meeting the unique needs of large communities. Our experience working with condominium boards throughout Maryland has prepared us to make managing your condominium association a stress-free and dependable experience.

Give Tidewater a call (443) 548-0191 to learn more about handing over the difficult aspects of running your COA to a condo association manager.

What Does a Condo Association Management Company Do?

COAs usually have more responsibilities than HOAs because more of the property is jointly owned. This means COA fees are usually higher to cover more services which may include lawn maintenance, snow removal, water and sewer, trash removal, exterior building maintenance, and more.

As a condo association board member, these responsibilities fall on you. Before you become overwhelmed, consider hiring Tidewater as your condo association management company. We offer a broad range of services, which you can customize to meet your community’s needs. Here are the types of services we offer:

  • Meeting management: We help develop an administrative calendar for your condo association, guide you as you set rightful community policies, prepare and submit management reports to the board, and much more.
  • Governance and legal issues management: We can maintain your condo association’s files, respond to resident complaints, conduct resale inspections, and much more.
  • Financial controls management: Let us help prepare your budget, develop expense projections, make sure the board understands its financial responsibilities, and much more.
  • Risk and insurance management: We’ll recommend risk management and insurance professionals as needed, help you implement risk management and safety programs, and much more.
  • Property maintenance management: We can manage work order requests, negotiate service contracts, and much more.
  • Contracting management: Let us help pair you up with qualified contractors, service providers, on-site vendors, and much more.
  • Human resources management: We can help develop job descriptions for condo association staff, hire and fire personnel, supervise employees, and much more, all in compliance with applicable laws.

Tidewater Property Management will make running a condo easier than you could ever imagine. Contact us today to get started!

Why Choose Tidewater as Your Condo Association Manager?

Serving as a COA board member can turn into a full-time job. If you don’t have the time or patience to run your community yourself, you may start wondering why you volunteered to serve in the first place. Fortunately, everything changes when Tidewater enters the picture. We know how to ease the burden of running a COA and act as a voice for your community’s residents. Our condo association management services have earned us excellent customer satisfaction ratings because of the unique, affordable solutions we offer.

Hire a Condo Association Management Company in MD & VA

If you want the common areas and public buildings in your condo community to remain beautiful and well-kept without all the effort of running a COA by yourself, turn to Tidewater Property Management. We offer all the services you need to keep everyone on the same page regarding association rules and regulations. Working with us ensures that serving on your COA’s Board of Directors is a pleasant and fulfilling experience!

To learn more, please request a condo association management proposal or contact us online today.