Working with Tidewater Property Management has been mutually beneficial for years. Matthew Merckel along with other professional and knowledgeable staff members provides has provided me genuine customer service and care. Tidewater Property Management has become a key component of my division’s year to year success and I’d recommend them as a preferred property management company to any organization needing their services.

-A Kent Guthrie

Tidewater Property Management is wonderful to work with. They are responsive and knowledgeable. Nothing about their processes is average. which is evident in the final product – organized and well managed properties. Matthew Merckel is a top notch property manager. When there is something to correct, he is on top of the situation until it is resolved. Because of his expertise though, not many issues arise to correct!

-Theresa Tsamoutalis

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the team at Tidewater Maintenance. No matter the issue big or small they are always on top of it and what really stands out is there effort to keep the communication going. I had the pleasure to deal with Matthew, Amber and Ashley and they are all so helpful and makes me feel confident that the association picked a great management company to deal with issues that may arise. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

-Honei Schnider

Excellent Service! Fast and prompt. It is so easy to get lost in trying to obtain home association details, especially acting as a third party (Real Estate Agent forwarding information to our clients), but Tidewater Property Management (Marie) went above and beyond with detailed guidance / information. We are so pleased!!

-Kathy Stone


-Dawn King

Fantastic group of people and very easy to work with with. I have personally dealt with Matt Merkel for the Wyndham Commons location in Owings Mills for many years. Top notch facility and great location. I highly recommend them to everyone.

-Greg Kellner

Working with Matt Merckel, Community Association Manager, has been a great experience. Matt works diligently to provide the best communication and service to all of his properties.

I highly recommend Matt and all the team at Tidewater Property Management!!!

-Brent Alexander

Thank you Matthew for your professionalism and level of communication. Your concern for Wyndham Commons was evident when we worked together!

-Laurie Cohn

If you are looking for a property management company with a get it done attitude look no further! Community Association Manager Matthew Merckel is professional and extremely reliable. His quick response to urgent matters and ability to make things happen makes him irreplaceable in every way. I will always recommend Matthew Merckel of Tide Water Property Management.

-John Simpkins

I needed tree trimming at my house and Matt Merckel of Tidewater Property responded promptly and got someone to get the job done. Also, he listens to our concerns at our HOA meetings. Thanks Matt.

-A B

I have been consistently impressed with Marie Thorp with Tidewater Property Management. She always goes above and beyond to help. Her professionalism and capability are exceptional.

-Melissa Stahl

I am an attorney that does some debt collection work for Tidewater Property Mgt., Inc. They are an excellent office in that one can always obtain the information needed as to any account in which we are working. More importantly everyone in the office is very pleasant to work for. Matt Merckel, a property manager, is someone I can always count on, due to his knowledge of his communities and just his professionalism in dealing with homeowners. I have recommended Tidewater Property to others who are looking for a competent and knowledgeable property manager for their community

-Neil Steinhorn

I’ve been living in the Waterview Community for many years and all my interactions with Tidewater Property Management have been extremely positive. I look forward to continuing to call this community home for many more years to come! Dr. Sy

-Mamadou Sy

Very responsive. Matt M. was helpful with information and a very quick-turnaround regarding an exterior improvement. Highly recommended

-Stuart Hammond

Tidewater Property is a great company to work with. They are organized and efficient. An especially big thank you to Mordy Weimer.


I called over to Tidewater to request a set of condo docs. I got a voice mail and fully expected to wait a day or two in hopes of a call back. To my surprise, I received a call back within 20 minutes!

After a brief conversation, I was emailed all of the information I needed minutes later. Great, Great, Great Service! HIGHLY RECOMMEND


I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mordy in the last few months as I am chairperson of the decorating committee for our lobby in the 2800 building at the Bluffs at Quarry Lake . It was a very big job and my first experience, so you can imagine my concerns. Every step of the way Mordy was there for me whether it was sending deposits to suppliers, getting potential vendors names and numbers and distributing final payments. No matter how small or large my request was, he was always there to lend a helping hand. He is a fine gentleman and It has been a pleasure to work with him.

-linda mondell

Had lunch with the Tidewater Property management group! Great bunch of property managers and a First Class Company! Already working with Matthew Merckel on a few projects!

-Jason Malecki

Matthew was very accessible and responded to my inquiries quickly and thoroughly. The HOA disclosure package was returned within a day of our expediting the order. Although I wish our Sellers would not have to incur large fees to deliver the package timely, it was appreciated to get it right away. Also, the inspection was performed quickly and that is really what we desperately needed in this case, so, all around – a great experience.
Thank you to Matthew for his hard work!

-Melissa Martin

I have had the opportunity to work with Mordy and his team at Tidewater Property Management on many occasions and have always been presented a most professional and pleasant experience.

-David Weingot

Farhad Rahmani is an outstanding property manager and real estate agent. He managed two of my rental properties in Maryland and sold one recently. The sales process was very smooth, Farhad priced the property right on target, did an excellent promotion, and had the property sold in less than one month. Farhad and his team are diligent and committed to serve their clients. They are responsible and responsive. I’d like to highly recommend Farhad and his team to serve you!

-Kuangchi Chen

Tidewater Property Management has an excellent team. The company works hard to communicate and support all of it’s new and existing clients and vendors. They truly go out of their way to show how much they value them! Thanks again.

-Shannon Gabor

We’ve been living in Wyndham Commons since 2007 under the watchful eyes of Tidewater Property Management. Tidewater and Matt Merckel have come a long way managing the needs of senior citizens. Tidewater has evolved into a company fully capable of managing our community. They have been responsive and timely while maintaining a positive attitude in the face of some contentious clients. I would give tidewater a 5 star rating.

-Jim Moore

It has been a pleasure to work for Wyndham Condominiums and Matt Merckel. The friendly residents and beautiful landscape make every trip to the property better than the last.

-Collin Hunter

As an account manager at a Landscape & lawn care company, Tidewater has been one of the best & easiest property management company’s I have ever dealt with. Our property manager Andrea always answers us in a timely manner and asks for our opinions. She truly cares about her clients properties. I would recommend tidewater to anyone, 10 out of 10.

-Randy Piper

Matt Merckel and Tidewater have done a great job since I’ve had interactions with them being on the Board of Directors of Goldsborough Manor. I can’t recommend Matt enough! It’s a joy to work with him!

-Jeremy Goldberg

Tidewater Property is a great company to work with. Mordy Weimer has been great, he is very responsive and efficient.

-Ron Curland

Our company JD Carpets, Inc. recently worked with Matthew Merckel part of the Management Team for Wyndham Commons and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Everyone is very pleased with the results and look forward to our next partnership.

-Kim Lentz

We’ve been residing in a community managed by Tidewater Property Management for 3 years now. Mordy Weimer is the property manager. Overall we are very satisfied with the service provided by Tidewater. The community is always well maintained – including he clubhouse and pool. There have been two occasions when we required special attention related to maintenance issues. Mordy and the team handled them both promptly and professionally.

-Frank Rosenthal

As a landscape contractor it is crucial to have a strong working relationship with the Management Company. Tidewater Property Management does just that. Their response time for requests in like none other. I personally work with Andrea Merchant and it is refreshing to have a Manager tend to her communities as she consistently does. If you are looking to change management companies I highly recommend Tidewater Property Management.

-Dana Szarko

Working with Tidewater is always a pleasure. As a partner/vendor, we appreciate their professionalism, communication skills and follow through. We know that working on losses for multiple units can be a challenge, but working together, things also go smooth! Thanks for all you do.

-Michelle Collett

I have been a contractor/vendor for Tidewater property management for quite a few years now. They are responsive, professional and provide excellent service to their clients. All of the managers and office staff are very easy to deal with. I would recommend the company to anyone.

-Tom Scism

I have worked with Mordy and Lauren for the past five years and have been impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness. I work as a CPA for a number of Condo/HOA’s they manage and they always provide me with good information in a timely manner. In addition, they get back to me quickly when I have questions. It is a pleasure to work with them.

-david steingroot

Having dealt with dozens of management companies over the past decade i have a VERY high opinion of Tidewater and its staff. Don’t let bad reviews fool you. A condo is an organization and as such there will always be ‘outliers’ that aren’t happy with a decision or result. The managers at tidewater from the leadership all the way to the on-site’s are very professional and well-educated. They are also very involved in industry leadership and advocate strongly for community associations.

-Allen Hudson

Winn electric contracting has worked for Tidewater for many years. T hey are great to work for and pay their bills in a timely manor. It seems like all the properties that they manage and we work at are very well maintained and managed well.

-arnold friedlander

Having recently joined the HOA board in my community, I’ve been working with Andrea Merchant for the past month or so. Andrea has been very helpful with my questions and has offered her support on a variety of issues. She is quite knowledgeable regarding my community’s bylaws and has been open to many suggestions that will hopefully improve our neighborhood. Her communication has been swift and frequent, especially as our new board becomes oriented to our responsibilities. It has been a pleasure interfacing with Andrea, and I look forward to our future relationship with Tidewater.

-David Buck

Mathew is a great property manager! I would recommend him and Tidewater for your association.

-We buy Baltimore houses

We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Your professionalism and fantastic communication made our team enjoy their experience servicing the Tidewater buildings. Thank you for being our valued customers for many years.

-Reliance Fire Protection

The folks at Tidewater are very welcoming, informed and follow through with each and every detail! Matt Merckel goes above and beyond on a regular basis! It is hard to say that over any of the other people at Tidewater because they all set the bar high and often beat expectations. I have worked often with Matt and Mark Hoage and they are always polite, professional and thorough. But as I said, that the expectations the whole company shoots for and they do a great job at it. Thank you all!

-Jeff Moore

I live in a home owner’s community made up of 530 condominium units and single family houses. As a member of the Board of Directors of 3 of the Associations in the community, I have had close and ongoing interaction with Tidewater Property Management and its staff over the past 8 years. They have provided excellent management of the community and individual staff members have always been responsive to the needs both of the Association Boards and of individual homeowners.

-Myron Miller

Tidewater Property Management always provides excellent service to my team and myself. There are too many wonderful people there to name but I can tell you that we work closely with many of them almost daily and they all strive to the highest standards of professionalism in property management. Thank you Tidewater!

-Philip Simmerer

I have worked with Andrea Merchant for many years and find her to be very professional and attentive. She was extremely knowledgeable and made my experience a smooth transition. Thank you so much!!!

-M. Christie Dunnigan

We have been so pleased with our deadline with Tidewater & their lovely property manager, Andrea Vercessi. Whenever an issue has erupted, her prompt response & attentions managed to sort things out quickly while remaining courteous & personable. It is this level of detail that seems so lost in our modern age.

-Dagaz Wyrmspear

Have worked with them for 5 years. They do a great job. As a Board member I appreciate all the effort they put in to help us manage our Condo Association.

-Steve Leven

I am an attorney who has worked with this company for almost 10 years. The company has an expertise in its field, provides quality service and overall is an excellent property management company. While all of their work is exemplary, I am particularly impressed with their Collection Department. I would recommend their services to any person or company that needs property management.

-Lisa Heimlicher

Excellent service. Always on top of any issues that arise within the community. Tidewater works very closely with our Board of directors to make sure any situation gets the proper attention to resolve day to day events that arise.

-Arlene Scherr

Great experience overall working with tidewater I was a tenant at one of their properties for a little over 2 years and they always made sure any maintenance related problems were resolved quickly and always were good at communicating any friendly reminders regarding the up kept of the condo and also any news relating to the community as a whole. Maria was excellent and was my main point of contact she was also able to assist me even if the matter wasnt within her area of expertise. 🙂

-Renee83 C

Tidewater Property Management is a first tier management company. Our account executive, Mordy Weimer, just helps to make the experience first class. From punctuality to money saving tips to great referrals for vendors, they really take charge and make the management of our large condominium property smooth as silk.

-Gary Pell

As a vendor, I have been working with Tidewater for several years now and find them to be a top notch firm. Specifically, I have been dealing with Andrea Merchant for over 7 years and have found her to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely easy to deal with. Can’t say enough good things about her.


This is a great management company! I’ve worked with Andrea Merchant for a number of years and have had nothing but great experiences. She is professional and attentive, and understands the challenges of community management.

-Rae M

I’ve worked with Tidewater Property Management and Mordy Weimer, our manager, going on two years, and have found both to be responsive and helpful. Mordy spends a great deal of time with us and is a great resource for us to better serve our Owings Mills community. Thanks, Mordy!

-Francine Lubera

Tidewater Property Management does an excellent job with vendor services at the properties they manage. Each interaction with the team is prompt, professional, and solution-driven. Matthew Merckel strives to find the best solution for the tenants and resolve issues as quickly as possible

-Daniel White

Mordy Weimer and his team are great. They always go above and beyond and are a really great company to work with. I highly recommend them.

-Michael Teichman

I have been working with Tidewater property Management, Inc. for about 10 years. I have found them easy to work with and very professional. Mordy W. has been my primary contact. As President of our condominium community and Vice President of our master board I will continue to use them for our management company.

-Harrison Smith

Mordy Weimer and the staff at Tidewater Management have always been courteous, professional and helpful with minor home issues, as well as in emergency situations. I attend most of the board meetings for the Silverbrook Wood Community. Mordy takes care to work closely with our board and to resolve and/or clarify issues and to help to make sure the community standards are maintained.

-Barbara Cohen

Very pleased with the customer service. Mordy,, the property manager has been very helpful & responsive in answering questions I am having during the purchasing process of a condo at a property managed by Tidewater Property Management.

-Judi Hannes

Twice now, I have emailed Tidewater with questions about my condo and condo fees and have received prompt, courteous and informative responses. It’s good to know we have good people working on our behalf.

-KC Bahry

I have been working with Andrea Merchant from Tidewater Property Management for many years and find her to be professional and attentive in our contractual transactions. Keep up the good work!

-Rochelle Kimbrough

Tidewater has been the Property Management Company for our Community from its inception. I have had the pleasure of interfacing with Tidewater for the last year and a half as our communities Treasurer. They have made some very good investments in updating their payment system to our vendors that make it much easier for me to track and approve disbursements. I mainly interface with 3 people, Harriett Baverman, Jessica Ogle and Lauren Stranahan. It is a pleasure to deal with all of them on any topic effecting our community and I find them to be responsive in handling any issues. Lauren is my main point of contact on issues involving our monthly Financial Statements. I cannot say enough about the excellent job she does in this regard. Jessica is always available to help with issues that Lauren cannot handle. Harriet is our communities main point of contact with Tidewater and again does an excellent job.

-Victor Brzozowski

Tidewater Property Management is an excellent management company for condominiums and HOA communities. I have had much experience with Tidewater over the years and can say without hesitation that their property mangers are top notch and do a great job for their clients.

-Nick Cowie

The Gardens at Owings Mills has been with Tidewater for over two years and I, as a board member and homeowner find their service to be good. Our property manager is very knowledgeable about our documents and the law pertaining to condominiums. Our property manager, Matt Merckel probably spends fifty percent of time handling issues at our community. Ours is an older community which converted from apartments to condos over forty years ago so we more problems than your average community and they all get handled.

-Donna DaRoja

From a contractor perspective, I thoroughly enjoy working with Tidewater Property Management. Their managers are among the best in the business. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, detail oriented and make working for them very easy. From my numerous dealing with board members on various projects, they too seem very happy with their relationships with TPM. For any community considering a change in management, I would highly recommend looking into Tidewater!

-Sean Ouellette

They do a great job of managing my property. Very responsive. Every time I have a question or a concern they respond to my emails right away. Maria and Shirlette are very thorough. They have handled renter late payments, property issues and even helped with insurance claims from A-Z. They do everything and more that you would expect of Property Managers and constantly remind you of why you hired them in the first place. Would highly recommmend.

-Tim B

We had a great experience with tidewater, in particular, Maria. She was extremely quick to respond back regarding any issues and very pleasant to speak with. They hire great people!

-Happy Beachgirl88

I highly recommend Tidewater Property Management to any HOA, condominium association or multi-family property owner for the outstanding service Tidewater’s staff provides to its clients. Tidewater’s staff is highly professional, competent and capable. Tidewater Property Management has been one of the best property management companies I have worked with over the past 23 years of law practice.

-Tony Barros

Thanks for your continued support! Your quick response time and follow-up to my inquiries are greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoy working with you.

-Cara Visconti

I have worked with Andrea Merchant for years now, and I find her to be completely attentive to every situation and handles herself always in a very professional manner.

-Nat Sue

I’ve worked with Andrea Merchant for years and have nothing but good things to say about her and my experiences. If you need anything I would highly recommend Andrea Merchant, she is very knowledgeable and so kind.

-Casey Fernandez

It has always been a great experience work with Mordy Weimer @ Tidewater Property Management. We look forward to a continuing our working relationship with him.

-Joshua Grunwald

I have had the pleasure to work with Tidewater Properties and Matthew Merckel for about a year now, they are very dedicated to their tenants and very quick to have a problem taken care for their property. This is something that as a service provider, you don’t see very often. Often things are let go until the problem escalates and the tenant is very dissatisfied and angry. We at Drainpro, enjoy working with Tidewater and Matt and look forward to a long working relationship

-Melissa martin

As far back as I can remember, Tidewater has been our property management company consistently providing excellent service!

-Diane Lavenstein

I have used Tidewater Property Mgmt for about 8 years and have nothing but positive things to say about them – especially my primary contact person Maria Dietle! From a property owner’s perspective, tenants can sometimes be a worry. My worries were escalated when we moved across the country. Tidewater and Maria have all but eliminated all of my worries! They are on top of everything, routinely inspect the house and keep me up to date with the many and ever changing real estate and property mgmt laws in the state of MD. Due in large part to Maria and the Tidewater team I don’t have any sleepless nights. I know both my property and I are in good hands!! I recommend them without hesitation!

-John Dubay

I am the HOA president for our community. I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea Merchant of Tidewater Property on several occasions. Andrea has been invaluable to us in helping with community issues. She has helped us interpret our bylaws and other HOA documents and has brought in outside resources to assist when needed. She has been a great asset to us and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

-Noel Posavec

Currently Tidewater helps us run our large community HOA. Matthew Merckel provides great support to our community and HOA board members and I would recommend him and Tidewater Property Management to any HOA. Matt attends most of our monthly HOA meetings and knows our community and it’s members well. Tidewater’s staff are professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Matt has helped us navigate the HOA community and without him and Tidewater, we would be lost! Thanks for all your help 🙂

-Jaclyn Kilheffer

I have had positive experiences having Tidewater manage our community for over 5 years. They have provided great advice when complicated scenarios arise. They are able to answer most questions for those that aren’t as familiar with property management and laws that impact our community. They sure have the patience and threshold to handle complex board drama that sometimes limit their success as the HOA board is in such a disarray. I have learned a lot over the past several years by being a board member and I owe that to Tidewaters guidance and knowledge base. I know that our community is in better hands having Tidewater manage our community. Thanks for all the great service over the years!

-Casey Rhoten

My experience with Shelia from Tidewater Property Management has been great . I am the owner of C&C Landscapes,LLC and i enjoy working with them whenever they need a landscape project completed

-Christopher Cahall

Tidewater Property Management has been our HOA company for the past five years. They have guided our new formed HOA through the process of set up, to ensuring everything is done correctly. They are very responsive and professional. Tidewater is always there when we need their expertise. Our board looks forward to the continued relationship would recommended them without hesitation.

-Greg P

I spoke with Steve Wolf today regarding some major issues I’m having in my home at The Gathering of Ellicott Mills. He was very informative and appeasing. And without that combination of values I would probably be a nervous wreck right now. 🙂 Thank you so much for your help.

-Valerie Jamison

The property management team are great to work with. They value quality workmanship.

-John Gunnet

Tidewater is great to work with. Its clear they care about their HOAs and want to do the best for them. Lauren is great – she always responds quickly and pushes to get the best for her clients.

-Megan Joslin

Matt Merckel was my property manager and always handled my concerns and needs in a timely and professional manner.

-Jeremy Steinhorn

We’ve had Tidewater as the property management company for our condo association for several years and we couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received from them. Out property manager Matt Merckel is polite, responsive and genuinely cares about our community.

-Bill Angiolillo

I have been working with Mordy W and Tidewater for many years and very happy with them. They are very responsive and care alot about their properties.

-Noel Diaz

We have lived in Miramar Landing for over 7 years. Tidewater Property Management has been managing our HOA. I have been extremely satisfied with their services. I became a member of the Board of Directors for our HOA last year. I find that my fellow neighbors are quick to blame Tidewater for issues that Tidewater or the HOA have no control over. More neighbors should attend the HOA meetings and they would learn how The HOA and Tidewater are working to make our neighborhood safer, cleaner and even an enjoyable place to live.

-Deborah Altvater

Recently I had occasion to work with Marie Thorp, a Financial Management Specialist at Tidewater Property Management. Our HOA had only weeks earlier secured the new services of Tidewater after having been previously managed by a competitor in the industry.

I was absolutely blown away!!!! From my experience as a Board Member for our community and with our prior management company, my call to Tidewater was unexpectedly…wait for it…answered, my questions were…hold on…responded to in detail and each response was fully explained to me by a real person, I was never put on hold and Marie was such a professional that I look back now and wonder what in the world were we ever doing with our previous, unresponsive management company. Marie actually helped me!

Tidewater has earned my immediate respect and I will promote their services at every opportunity in the future to our HOA, as well as, to other HOA communities.

To those at Tidewater reading this review, please extend my sincere appreciation to Marie Thorpe who represented your company in a fashion that is, quite frankly, uncommon and above all expectation

-William Hoffman

I was elected to our neighborhood HOA, about 2 years ago. I have never done anything like this before. Tidewater Property Mgmt is our property manager, and our rep. is Andrea Merchant. Andrea has been so helpful to our board in doing our “volunteer” job. She is well informed to answer my/our questions. If she doesn’t know the answer, she finds the answer for us.
We are a new development and most residents have never been part of an HOA. They are full of questions and unfortunately, complaints too. Andrea and her staff have been so helpful to all of us.

-Rob Stonesifer

Alpha Plumbing has been a contractor for Tidewater for many years. They are great to work with.

-John Taylor

I have worked with Andrea Merchant for many years. She is both professional, charismatic and always responsive

-Jennifer schell

Excellent management company. Have been working with Mordy Weimer and Tidewater for 10 years, wouldn’t change.

-Peter Donald

Tidewater is a wonderful management company. They go above and beyond for their tenants

-William Wagner

I have been the President of the GSE HOA for 25 years. Our HOA is made up of over 200 townhouse and single family homes. For the past 10 years or so we have employed Tidewater Management Co. to manage our community. During this time,Tidewater has been an excellent management company. They are the upmost professional property management company and because of the their excellent management of all of our maintenance contracts, collection of HOA fees from owners, enforcing all HOA covenants, etc. , our HOA is great place to live in. Additionally, through their Owner’s Portal, they conduct dues collections from owners, manage ARC submittals, and announce information to our owners. They are outstanding in all management duties and are a major reason why our HOA is such an outstanding organization. Bottom line, Tidewater Property Management is an excellent property management company.

-Ron Bondroff

Pleasure dealing with them! Professional and courteous staff who were eager to help.

-CE Bluming

I live in a 55 and over community and Tidewater Property Management Co. has been managing our COA from the begining. It was a bit bumpy in the begining but it was a matter of understanding exactly what the COA was supposed to do and what the Management agent was responsible for. Once that was figured out I have had no problems accomplishing the day to day association task and coordination of vendors, contracts and budgetary actions are well looked after by our property manager, Mark Hoage. He is well credentialed and very involved. It’s been quite and education and Mr. Hoage has been invaluable in getting things to flow as they should. I and our COA are very satisfied with Tidewater.

-David Lilly

Lucky to have worked with Andrea Vercessi: consummate professional, smart, fast, joyous, highly recommend!

-Saoirse Spain

We are a contractor that works for Tidewater for the last several years and this organization has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. Even the residents that have communicated with us directly have been great to work with.

-Lou Meli

I have known Andrea Merchant for 5 years and find her to be professional, courteous, and very accommodating.

-Taylor Augustine

Good Company, Good Managers
Never really had a problem with them.
just our property Board of Directors can be a problem to deal with

-Janet Stroup

Before i left for vacation abroad, i stopped by tidewater office and paid my due with a check and got a receipt . apparently i forgot to put my house number on it and because of that it was returned to me. somehow they were able to return the check to me but they couldn’t deposit it into the correct account. even though it was made to huntsman. when i came back i had 4 letters from an attorney threatening with a lien and more fees. and when i stopped today to talk to somebody about it , all they could tell me here is the attorney’s number call them.
The management office got in touch with me and everything is resolved. I do especially appreciate Ms Szikman helping me with this issue.

-Seyithan Cengiz

Tidewater has managed my condo for 2 years now and they have always been very responsive to managing any issues with the condo. My renters have always been happy with them and they keep me well updated with any necessary repairs/issues. Farhad especially has been great. He has always taken care of any issues very quickly. They send monthly budget reports to landlords and have always been very responsive whenever I had any questions about and billing issues.

-John Ok

I have worked with Andrea Merchant for many years and find her to be professional and very responsive

-Rachel joella

Very good working partners.

-Steve Zimmerman

I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Jessica Ogle, for the excellent customer service she provided me back in January as well as this morning. Ms. Ogle helped me to sort out my account after I discovered that there had been an error on my part.
I have always been pleased with the service I receive at your office. However, Ms. Ogle’s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations.
Within a hours, she was able to correct the mistake to my account and start the process of having the problem corrected.
Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with Tidewater for years to come.

-Fran Rosensweig

Always professional, great company to work with.

-Rick Watts

TPM has been managing my rental property for over 3 years now, and I have been very pleased with their service. They have always been very quick to find tenants to rent my townhouse, and they do a thorough financial and background check on anyone interested in renting the property. They also periodically perform a maintenance walk thru on the condition of the home. They are always available when I need assistance, and they are quick to inform me of any issues that arise. Overall, I’m glad that they do all of the work in taking care of my property, which saves me a lot of time and energy. I would definitely recommend them!

-Margaret M

Tidewater has been managing my property in Odenton, MD, for nearly 5 years. They have been excellent in supporting my needs, and leave me feeling confident that my property is in good hands while deployed. I would recommend Tidewater Property Management for anyone.

-Ben Chester

I have been on the board of Goldsborough Manor for a long time. Our previous management companies required constant follow up, took a long time to get anything done and didn’t seem to care.
Tidewater has been extremely efficient with a get it done now. I can trust them to complete a project, get contractors to honor their work, etc.
As a community we are very happy with doing business with Tidewater.

-Paul Dube

Tidewater Property Management is a wonderful company to work with.

-Vincent Vlogs

I highly recommend Tidewater Property Management for condominium, townhouse, and rental communities because TPM constantly seeks new ways to better serve homeowner’s and resident’s needs. Board members and homeowners in my condominium community appreciate the teamwork approach used by Tidewater because the shared experiences and talents of this management company’s staff have provided unique solutions to problems that have been difficult to solve. In fact, Tidewater Property Management recognizes that each community is different and requires innovative methods to solve urgent problems. My condominium community has benefited from input to problem solving from top management, administrative staff, maintenance personnel, and the receptionist who greets each visitor (top to bottom). Tidewater’s commitment to performing its job with excellence has improved the delivery of services (landscaping, snow removal, fire and safety monitoring, site inspections, webpage enhancements, etc.) that help make the Village at Mill
Run I a desirable and safe place to call home.

-Jim Thomas

Tidewater responds quickly to maintenance issues and questions by residents .

-Lea Baire

Tidewater served the Board at Belmont Farms very well over many years.

-Mike Pavo

My husband and I used Tidewater Property Management, Inc. to manage the rental of our house in Westminster, Maryland from 2012 to 2014. Farhad Rahmani and Gail Windisch were the individuals at Tidewater with home we dealt. Mr. Rahmani also served as our realtor and handled the sale of the house for us in 2014. Both Mr. Rahmani and Ms. Windisch provided excellent service and advice throughout the time period in which we used them. Their straightforward professionalism made it easy for us to be hands-off landlords. They were attentive to details and responsive when communicating with us. They managed all aspects of the property rental and eventual sale, including periodic maintenance issues and a renovation project preceding the listing for sale. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

-Alexandra M. Ledbetter

its a great company

-Tiffa baltimore

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