Resale Packages for Community Associations in Maryland

When a property in a homeowners association or a condominium association is sold from one owner to another, obtaining a resale package is typically a mandatory part of the process. These steps ensure the buyer understands the requirements, restrictions, and financial status of the association while protecting the seller from liability by providing the most current information available. For association managers, the process of providing inspections and collecting the required documentation for the resale package can be tedious and time-consuming. It is often more efficient and cost-effective to work with a third party to provide these services, such as a property management firm. At Tidewater Property Management, we have 30 years of real estate and property management experience, and we can help your community association make the process of buying or selling a home easy for your members, as well as your staff. We serve homeowners associations, condominium associations, and cooperatives throughout Maryland and Virginia. For simple, cost-effective resale package and inspection services, contact our team at Tidewater today!

Community Association Resale Packages

A resale package contains the most up-to-date information about the association and the property that is to be sold. It is typically requested by the seller shortly before closing and is provided by the association itself, a property management firm, or an authorized provider. A resale package commonly includes:

  • The governing documents of the association
  • The association budget, rules, and regulations
  • Information about association expenditures, reserves, and legal liabilities, including ongoing litigation
  • Association meeting minutes and schedule
  • Information about association fees, assessments, and collection
  • The covenants, conditions, and restrictions that the buyer must adhere to
  • Status of current assessments, liens, and violations for the property

At Tidewater Property Management, our experts can work with your association to compile resale packages that are accurate, current, and informative. Our services are cost-effective and can help your association save both time and money while making the process more convenient for your association members. Contact us or call (443) 548-0191 today to learn more about our resale package services in Maryland and Virginia. 

Resale Package Services in MD & VA

If you would like to reduce the workload on your board members and provide better service to your association, trust our experts at Tidewater Property Management. In addition to resale package, we also offer complete community association management services, bookkeeping, and accounting services, property maintenance and repair services, marketing, collections, and more. We can help your association in Maryland or Virginia with all your management needs! Contact us online or give us a call at (443) 548-0191 to schedule a consultation or request a proposal!