What Is SenEarthCo?

SenEarthCo is an internet-based association management system that enables homeowners, community managers, board members, and service providers to communicate quickly and efficiently. Property information, management, and accounting services are online and available in real time. 

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Benefits of Using This Homeowners Association & Condo Management Software

Ideal for Homeowners

·         Get community information and documents online—24/7.

·         View real-time account status.

·         View a calendar of upcoming events.

·         Manage your account. No phone calls or printed reports are necessary!

·         Use our search feature to call up your association rules and regulations.

·         Reserve association amenities (pools, meeting rooms, tennis courts) online.

·         Request maintenance services via an easy-to-use online form.

·         View meeting minutes and newsletters.

Ideal for HOA Board Members

·         Receive instant notification when new management reports are ready to view.

·         Track current violations.

·         Produce meeting minutes during board meetings using a template format—or create the minutes offline and upload them later.

·         View past meeting minutes, agendas, and management reports online.

·         See real-time assessment account status.

·         Provide online access to scheduled association events.

·         Send communications to homeowners via email or hard copy. The system knows who gets email and who requires postal delivery. It automatically prepares messages in the correct format!

·         Contract with preferred and approved vendors online.

What Do Board Members Think of SenEarthCo?

  • “I must say that I love the new portal. Used it today for the first time… and found it easy-to-use and very informative. I hope that the other residents find it helpful, too. Kudos to Tidewater.”
  • “I have gone through the entire program and found it extremely easy to navigate and print those reports I needed… I am very pleased with the new program.”
  • “Nice, easy-to-use website. Good job.”
  • “The new system looks great… what a great system for all Tidewater homeowners. I know it has been a huge undertaking for all involved. We appreciate your hard work on behalf of us.”
  • “Appears to be a great website & system and will be a great asset to our board in managing our business!”
  • “This program will revolutionize the management of homeowners associations and condos as well as Boards and home owners.”
  • “The new website access is nice and very easy to use.”
  • “This is going to be a great system, a wonderful resource for Board members (and unit owners).”

Frequently Asked Questions About Our HOA Management Software

If your question is not answered here, please contact info@tidewaterproperty.com. Instructions for creating an online account and logging in can be downloaded here:

1.Q: I’m a Board Member. How will I receive my financials?
A: The financial reports will show in your portal and on your monthly management report.
2.Q: How can I update my mailing address with the Association?
A. Log in to your homeowner portal and select “My Account > Manage Account.”
3.Q: I own multiple units and/or live in multiple communities. How can I set up my account with one email address to see all of my property’s info?
A. There are instructions on how to do this at the bottom of the letter that provides your security key. It states, “If you belong to more than one Association or own multiple units, please create an initial account with one (1) security key, then go to the ‘Manage Account’ function to add your other unit(s).”
4.Q: Do the Boards and residents have the same access and are they able to see the same things?
A. No. Boards have the most access and can see much more than residents can. When documents or items are uploaded, the manager can set the access level on who can view the document.
5.Q: Can the maintenance item descriptions be altered for just our community?
A. Technically, no. We can add new categories to the maintenance items, but it changes it for all of our associations across the board. We would like to limit this as much as possible.
6.Q: It doesn’t seem to be working in my browser. What browser do you recommend?
A. Due to the nature and security of SenEarthCo, it is recommended that you use only the latest version of your internet browser. Your browser will also need to support 128-bit (Strong) encryption. Additionally, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Our office recommends Firefox, as it works the best for us.

Contact Tidewater to Learn More About SenEarthCo HOA Management Software

With SenEarthCo, your community can view your association’s rules and regulations, learn about events, log maintenance reviews, and see architectural status without having to call the office. Additionally, your community can pay dues and assessments easily online and be sure they were made on time!

Do you think SenEarthCo might be the right association management system for your HOA or condo? Contact Tidewater today to request more information!