Property Management for Housing Developments in MD & VA

Housing developments attract all types of people. Some homeowners are young families, while others are near retirement age. Many developments offer income-restricted housing or are regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or other federal, state, and public entities. With such a diverse range of residents under your management and regulations to contend with, you could drastically simplify your job by enlisting the help of a community manager.

Beige high-rise apartment with balconies.

While many housing developments have internal management departments, you may be comparing different property management companies to work with. For an experienced manager in Maryland and Virginia, look no further than Tidewater Property Management. We can provide a huge asset for your housing development and free up your time to take on other endeavors.

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Why Hire a Property Manager for Housing Developments?

The goal of any subdivision owner is to create a positive and safe environment for residents to live. When you don’t have time to juggle burdensome regulatory requirements or you suffer from insufficient financial resources, turning to an experienced, affordable property management company is the perfect solution. Some of the benefits of hiring a property manager for your subdivision include:

  • Competitive bids on maintenance and repairs to keep your upkeep costs down

  • Fees collected on your behalf

  • A less complicated end-of-year tax process

  • Timely collection of delinquent accounts in accordance with the policies you’ve put in place

If your housing development needs professional support, turn to the experts at Tidewater Property Management. Call (443) 548-0191 or contact us online today!

Why Choose Tidewater as Your Property Management Company?

With plenty of property management companies to choose from in our area, we encourage you to consider Tidewater for the job. Our mission statement is to be familiar with every property, to understand our owners’ problems and successes, to pay attention to detail, and to visit each property often.

We offer 30 years of property management experience, making us well-qualified to handle the needs of your housing development. We are also a family-owned business, which means we are dedicated to our work. Not many property management companies offer you the same level of commitment and first-class credentials that we do.

Are you ready to work with one of the most qualified property management companies in Maryland and Virginia?  If so, request a proposal now!