Decades of Experience, Service & Progress

While the needs of our communities and the property management industry evolve each day, so do we – and that’s precisely what differentiates Tidewater Property Management from our competitors.

We’re dedicated to providing knowledgeable, personal, and superior management services for your property. But we’re not just a management company, we’re a resource.

A well-managed property creates a much higher return for its owners. As a property owner, it’s important that you understand the basics of community associations and rentals, and that you know where to go with your questions. It’s even more important that your management company has the answers.

At Tidewater, we have the experience, the knowledge, and the answers. When you’re looking for a reliable team on your side, the experts at Tidewater Property Management are your best ally.

Smarter Than the Average Management Company

Go ahead and add Tidewater Property Management to your speed dial now because we’re the only call you’ll have to make. You can rely not only on our in-house management and administrative team, but you also have direct access to our network of scrupulously screened vendors, technicians and associates. After so many years in property management, we have learned to expect and plan for the unexpected. And we call that Progress in Motion.

Tidewater Property Management is currently responsible for over 200 community associations, comprising more than 17,000 individual homes.

What to expect from your property management company:

  • Quick response times
  • Conservative and responsible spending
  • Proactive approach to
    management and planning
  • Creative and
    innovative strategy
  • Visible presence in
    the community
  • The solution to
    your headaches!