Office Building Management in Maryland

Managing a commercial property can be a difficult and time consuming task. From leasing the property to managing your tenants and handling the back office work, you may end up devoting countless hours a month to this venture.

Why not free up your time by teaming up with an office building manager in the DMV area? Tidewater Property Management offers the services you need to reclaim your free time while still enjoying the benefits of office building ownership.

To arrange reliable office building management services in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, please call Tidewater Property Management today at (443) 548-0191(443) 548-0191.

Office Building Management Services in the DMV Area

To successfully manage an office building, you may find it necessary to hire a qualified commercial property manager. Here are some of the services we offer our clients.

Leasing & Tenant Management Services

The first step of successful office building ownership is to fill a vacant property and start collecting rent. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Market and advertise your office building: As soon as a tenant tells you their intent to vacate, give us a call, and we’ll immediately start marketing your property on local websites and various other channels.
  • Screen commercial tenants: We’ll handle incoming calls from interested tenants, draw up a rental application, and perform background checks to help find the best tenant from among all the applicants.
  • Draft and negotiate a lease: Let Tidewater prepare your lease to make sure you don’t miss any pertinent issues.
  • Collect rent: If you have perfect tenants, rent collection isn’t an issue. However, if you must hound your renters every month, this process can become exhausting. Allow Tidewater to handle this so you never have to worry about troublesome tenants again.

Office Building Maintenance

Your tenants want to work in a clean, well-maintained building. Tidewater handles maintenance and repairs so you don’t have to. This includes everything from painting and power washing the exterior to repairing drywall and gutters to performing extensive renovations between tenants.

Our goal when performing office building maintenance is to make your tenants happy, increase the value of your investment, and appeal to future tenants in a competitive market. We are qualified, licensed, and insured to perform commercial building maintenance, as well as fire and water damage restoration when you need these specialized services.

Administrative Services

Completing paperwork behind the scenes is the least exciting part of office building management, but it’s necessary to streamline your costs and give you total control over your return on investment. Are you eager to hand over these responsibilities? If so, Tidewater is happy to lend a hand.

With our administrative services, we make sure financial reports, payroll administration, delinquency collections, annual budgeting, contracts, insurance, and other documents are handled professionally. Rest assured that the paperwork is taken care of while you focus on your other responsibilities as an office building owner.

Office Building Management Services in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

A well-managed office building creates a much higher return on investment for the owner. It’s important that you know where to go with your questions. It’s even more important for your building manager to have the answers.

At Tidewater, our goal is simple: deliver reliable office building management services and serve as a valuable resource to make your life easier. Our experience dates back to 1989, meaning we have spent more than a quarter of a century mastering the property management business.

If you own an office building and you’re interested in our services, please contact us today to work with a reliable property manager in MD, VA, or DC.