Administrative Services

Administrative Services doesn’t sound very fun – hey, who gets excited at the thought of paperwork? But at Tidewater, we have a peculiar passion for combing the details. Managing the financial and organizational details of your community and/or investment property can entail many hours of calculations and reports, and comprise a big job – that’s why our clients and communities count on Tidewater for organization, advice and management.

Our mission as your Administrative Services company is to streamline your costs and your budget, while providing control over your return on investment. When you find an Administrative Services company that is efficient and attentive, like Tidewater, you will save time and money.

Progress towards the financial health, peaceful living and structural integrity of your property and community – that’s our goal.


Tidewater Administrative Services include:

  • Welcome Packages for New Homeowners
  • Owner Roster Reports
  • Resale Packages
  • Fidelity Bond on Employees Handling Funds
  • Maintenance Issue / Owner Concern Updates
  • Attendance at Board Meetings
  • Participation in Board Deliberations
  • Periodic Management Reports to the Board
  • Financial Reports
  • Payroll Administration
  • Payment of Association Obligations
  • Collection of Association Assessments
  • Delinquency Collections
  • Preparation of Annual Budget
  • Enforcement of Community Rules and Regulations
  • Coordination of Annual Meeting
  • Site Staff Hiring, Training and Supervision
  • Association Websites
  • Contract Administration
  • Insurance Administration