Human Resources Management for Community Associations in MD & VA

As a member of your community association’s Board of Directors, you have many responsibilities. One of the biggest is managing the employees of your Homeowners or Condo Owners Association. Regardless of how large or small your community is, you need people to make sure it operates smoothly. This means you need a Human Resources department. If no one on your Board of Directors has HR experience, you’ll benefit greatly from hiring Tidewater Property Management to perform Human Resource Management services for you. We make sure your community thrives with qualified people in the correct positions. For Human Resource Management services in Maryland and Virginia, please call Tidewater today.

What Is Human Resource Management?

The responsibilities of a Human Resources department include recruiting, managing, and providing direction for employees. Since all aspects of running a community involve people, HR has an incredibly broad influence. HR management services from Tidewater provide you with the leadership, experience, and advice you need to deal with all issues related to the people who work for your HOA or COA. But it’s not just about handling problems—it’s also about enabling employees to contribute effectively and productively to the vision the Board of Directors has in mind for the community.

Our Human Resource Management Services for Community Associations

The team at Tidewater is highly trained and knowledgeable in Human Resource Management. We have over 25 years of experience providing these services for community associations in Maryland and Virginia. Our intent is to ease the burden Board members face by handling the following tasks:

  • Assist the Board in developing and implementing compensation and personnel policies: It’s important for the pay rates and benefits that community association employees receive to comply with federal, state, and local laws. Tidewater develops and implements these and all other personnel policies on behalf of your community association.
  • Assist the Board in creating and updating job descriptions: To attract the right people who are suited for particular positions within your association, you need an accurate job description. Tidewater handles the task of writing and updating these descriptions to take this responsibility off your hands.
  • Implement the recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring processes: Creating job descriptions is far from the only step necessary to secure new association staff. You must also interview candidates, select qualified personnel, and officially hire them. Tidewater establishes and implements these processes to make sure they comply with applicable laws.
  • Supervise employees: Once part of the team, your community’s employees require supervision. Their efficiency often depends on delegating tasks appropriately, monitoring performance, rewarding a job well done, and taking action when issues arise. Tidewater handles all these tasks for you.
  • Establish and evaluate employee performance and disciplinary actions: First, you must create objectives. Then, you must assess work performance and conduct periodic staff reviews. Finally, you need a method for addressing performance issues and taking disciplinary action if necessary, including firing employees. Tidewater can manage each of these tasks so you don’t have to.

Request Human Resource Management Services in MD & VA

The effectiveness of your HR department relies heavily on the types of services you receive from your management team. At Tidewater, we’re able to tailor our offerings to meet your precise needs, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Consider working with us if you want to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise that comes from having decades of Human Resource Management experience. To learn more about the management services we offer community associations in MD and VA, please contact Tidewater Property Management today.