Governance & Legal Management for Community Associations in Maryland

In most homeowner associations or condominium associations, the volunteers who are elected to the board of directors often have limited experience with the more complex issues involved in managing a community association. When it comes to governance and legal issues, it is extremely important to get the details right to avoid problems in the future. At Tidewater Property Management, we can provide valuable guidance, advice, and management services for homeowners associations, condominium associations, and cooperatives. With over 30 years of association management experience, we can assist with all your governance and legal issues, from conducting resale inspections and preparing resale packages to managing the association’s files. We work with community associations throughout Maryland and Virginia, and we offer a full line of property management services, including real estate services, rental management, property maintenance, and more. To learn how we can help your community association with governance and legal issues, contact Tidewater Property Management today!

Our Governance & Legal Management Services

Our team at Tidewater Property Management has extensive experience managing the day-to-day operations of community associations, and we can provide invaluable assistance with all types of governance and legal issues, including:

  • Managing the association’s files – Our experts can organize and maintain your association’s most critical documents, including governing documents, constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes, financial reports, audit reports, tax returns, contracts, employment files, official correspondence, owner accounts and files, and more. Our team can keep the files accessible and organized to ensure swift responses to any inquiries and to provide the documents necessary for meetings, audits, or tax purposes.
  • Responding to owner inquiries – Our team can fulfill property owner requests for governing documents, meeting minutes, resale packages, and any other inquiries, freeing the board ‘s time for more important tasks. We can also handle correspondence, complaints, and other requests as required.
  • Preparing governing documents for resale packages – When an association member sells a property, our team can prepare a full resale package, including the governing documents, meeting minutes, the association’s financial status, status of pending litigation, the details of the owner’s account, information about pending property liens, and information about the association’s rules, restrictions, and requirements. This allows the buyer to make an informed decision, and we will work with the seller to provide all necessary documents.
  • Conducting resale inspections and preparing resale certificates – Our management team can inspect properties prior to resale to ensure they meet association requirements and are not in violation of any rules. We can also prepare a resale certificate and distribute it to the proper parties, including the buyer, the seller, and their representatives.
  • Answering PUD or lender questionnaires – When a buyer is trying to secure a loan on a property in the association, our experts can answer lender, PUD, or Fannie Mae questionnaires, providing the necessary information about the association’s ratio of owner-occupied units versus rentals, number of properties, development status, financial status, reserve capital amounts, pending legal issues, and more. We will only answer the questions deemed appropriate by the board and its legal counsel.

Our services can help your association manage more effectively, reduce the workload of board members, and provide valuable insight for the board on governance issues, legal issues, and more.

Governance & Legal Management in MD & VA

For professional help with governance and legal issues at your homeowner’s association or condominium association, trust our proven, reliable team at Tidewater Property Management. To request a proposal in Maryland or Virginia, call us today at (443) 548-0191 or contact us online!