Board Member Education in Maryland

All community associations—including homeowners and condo owners associations—need a strong board of directors to be effective. Serving on the board is a valuable and rewarding experience that community members should take on in hopes of helping their fellow neighbors while preserving and enhancing the community’s assets. Board members must understand their roles and should pursue them with passion. They should know about the community’s history as well as what needs to be accomplished in the here and now.

If you hire Tidewater as your community association management company, one of our primary duties is to educate and advise the board of directors of their roles and responsibilities. We take board member education very seriously because serving in this capacity has significant legal liabilities if you make decisions that don’t align with state and federal laws, local ordinances, and pertinent governing documents. We’ll ensure the entire board of directors—from the president and vice president to the secretary and treasurer—understands these liabilities and the rules they must follow to fulfill their responsibilities.

If you’re interested in arranging board member education for your community association’s Board of Directors, please call Tidewater Property Management today at (443) 548-0191(443) 548-0191. We serve associations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Our Board Member Education Services

Board members are not excused from taking improper actions just because they claim ignorance or inexperience. The fact that community associations are non-profit organizations or that board members are usually unpaid volunteers does not relieve them from understanding their duties and obligations when serving on a board of directors.

This is why Tidewater Property Management offers education services for board members. We’ll make sure your community association is successful with a motivated, knowledgeable board of directors leading the way.

During our training sessions, these are the types of topics we cover:

  • Roles and duties of the board of directors
  • Roles and duties of Tidewater Property Management
  • Basics of a community association
  • How board members are required to communicate with association vendors
  • Legal requirements for making agendas, holding meetings, and communicating electronically
  • The importance of adopting a Code of Ethics
  • Legislative updates
  • Liability information
  • Fiduciary responsibilities

Why Choose Tidewater Property Management for Board Member Education?

Our training sessions allow us to pass on 25 years worth of knowledge and experience as a community management company. We remain up-to-date with current legislation that dictates the conduct of community association board members. If you have a community issue that demands action, we’ll make sure every board member knows their legal obligations and limitations to avoid problems with the law.

Board Member Education Services in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Operating a community association requires you to perform many of the same duties and responsibilities as running a regular business. Serving as a board of directors member is a serious affair, but with training from Tidewater Property Management, you can feel much more confident in your ability to serve your community and safeguard the investments of all.

If you’re looking for a resource to help train your community association’s Board of Directors, please contact Tidewater today. We can serve as your association manager, which includes providing board member education.