William Hoffman

Recently I had occasion to work with Marie Thorp, a Financial Management Specialist at Tidewater Property Management. Our HOA had only weeks earlier secured the new services of Tidewater after having been previously managed by a competitor in the industry.

I was absolutely blown away!!!! From my experience as a Board Member for our community and with our prior management company, my call to Tidewater was unexpectedly…wait for it…answered, my questions were…hold on…responded to in detail and each response was fully explained to me by a real person, I was never put on hold and Marie was such a professional that I look back now and wonder what in the world were we ever doing with our previous, unresponsive management company. Marie actually helped me!

Tidewater has earned my immediate respect and I will promote their services at every opportunity in the future to our HOA, as well as, to other HOA communities.

To those at Tidewater reading this review, please extend my sincere appreciation to Marie Thorpe who represented your company in a fashion that is, quite frankly, uncommon and above all expectation