Ron Bondroff

I have been the President of the GSE HOA for 25 years. Our HOA is made up of over 200 townhouse and single family homes. For the past 10 years or so we have employed Tidewater Management Co. to manage our community. During this time,Tidewater has been an excellent management company. They are the upmost professional property management company and because of the their excellent management of all of our maintenance contracts, collection of HOA fees from owners, enforcing all HOA covenants, etc. , our HOA is great place to live in. Additionally, through their Owner’s Portal, they conduct dues collections from owners, manage ARC submittals, and announce information to our owners. They are outstanding in all management duties and are a major reason why our HOA is such an outstanding organization. Bottom line, Tidewater Property Management is an excellent property management company.