Jim Thomas

I highly recommend Tidewater Property Management for condominium, townhouse, and rental communities because TPM constantly seeks new ways to better serve homeowner’s and resident’s needs. Board members and homeowners in my condominium community appreciate the teamwork approach used by Tidewater because the shared experiences and talents of this management company’s staff have provided unique solutions to problems that have been difficult to solve. In fact, Tidewater Property Management recognizes that each community is different and requires innovative methods to solve urgent problems. My condominium community has benefited from input to problem solving from top management, administrative staff, maintenance personnel, and the receptionist who greets each visitor (top to bottom). Tidewater’s commitment to performing its job with excellence has improved the delivery of services (landscaping, snow removal, fire and safety monitoring, site inspections, webpage enhancements, etc.) that help make the Village at Mill
Run I a desirable and safe place to call home.