7 Reasons to Hire a Community Management Company

Managing a large community association can be difficult for even the most experienced personnel. In a typical homeowners association or condominium owners association, the board of directors is staffed by community members who have volunteered for the position and been subsequently elected by the community.

Often, new members do not initially have the skills to manage the community or their positions effectively, and they must learn as they go. This can create many difficulties when enforcing community rules, working with vendors, or meeting financial and legal obligations. Additionally, board members simply may not have the time necessary to manage daily operations, as many also have full-time jobs or other obligations.

By working with a community management company, the board of directors can receive advice and support from experienced professionals while allowing the management team to perform most of the day to day tasks required by the community.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Community Management Company?

Hiring a community management company is a cost-effective way to ensure a homeowners association or condominium owners association operates smoothly while keeping the best interests of the community in mind. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider a community management company:

  1. Experience – A professional community management company can help with every aspect of managing your community association, from creating and enforcing association rules to maintaining facilities, managing vendors, advising the board, and helping with legal matters.
  2. Expertise – A community management company can provide professional advice to board members of a variety of topics, including the laws and regulations that apply to your association, legal matters, association rules, and more.
  3. Clarity – To avoid disagreements, enforcement problems, and legal difficulties, association rules must be clear and concise. A community management firm can help your board create rules and restrictions that are effective, easy to understand, and enforceable.
  4. Consistency – To remain effective and fair, the association rules must be enforced in a consistent manner. With board members being drawn from the community, even the slightest hint of inconsistent enforcement can lead to an appearance of favoritism or nefarious intent. As a third party, a community management company can help you provide fair, transparent enforcement of all rules and restrictions.
  5. Professional management – A community management company can help with all day to day operations, including hiring and managing employees, maintaining community facilities, accounting, managing finances, collecting association fees, communicating with association members, and more.
  6. Vendor management – A professional community management service can help you hire and manage vendors like garbage collectors, landscaping services, accounting services, legal providers, utility providers, and more. Because they have existing relationships with a variety of vendors, contractors, and other service providers, they can help you find the best services at the most cost-effective prices.
  7. Cost savings – A community management company can help your association operate in a more efficient manner, cutting costs and allowing you to provide better service to your community members.

A community management company can be a great asset to any association, providing invaluable advice and support, as well as complete management services.

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