How to Make Passive Income from Your Real Estate Investments

Although many real estate investors like the hands-on approach, managing some or all of the day-to-day operations like collecting rent, making repairs, or responding to tenant concerns, others prefer minimal involvement and a passive stream of income. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, or you are thinking of investing in real estate, nearly any property can become a passive investment with the right property management company.

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What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is any income source where you earn money without psychical work, such as investments in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. When managed properly, real estate can be an excellent source of passive income, both from monthly rental incomes and from long-term growth in the value of the property itself.

How Can Real Estate Become Passive Income?

By choosing your investment properties carefully and working with a qualified property management company, you can step back from day-to-day management and let your investment work for you. A property management company like our team at Tidewater can handle every aspect of managing your investment, from scheduling maintenance and making repairs to collecting rent, managing tenants, and finding new properties to invest in.

If you are considering a real estate investment, a property management firm can help to:

  • Locate profitable rental properties
  • Perform an investment analysis
  • Inspect the property
  • Arrange financing
  • Manage everyday operations

The result is a dependable, residual income that you can count on while leaving the hard work to the experts.

The Benefits of Passive Real Estate Investments

Passive real estate investments are an easy way to create a reliable income stream with little to no involvement with the property itself. With a dependable property management firm handling everyday operations, you can enjoy the following benefits from your passive real estate investment:

  • Tax advantages – Unlike stock dividends and other vehicles that are taxed at your full income, real estate investments are subject to depreciation and other factors that reduce your overall tax obligation.
  • Equity – Real estate investments build real value that you can leverage to acquire more proprieties or pay down debt.
  • Expert advice – A property management company can make investing in real estate easy with expert advice and knowledge.
  • Hands-off management – The property management company handles all daily operations and concerns, allowing you to simply enjoy the income.
  • Easy money – With passive real estate, your initial investment does all the work, allowing you to make money while you sleep with ongoing residual income.

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