How to Choose an HOA Management Company

Do you find it difficult to keep up with all the responsibilities of serving on your homeowner association (HOA) Board of Directors? There’s no need to struggle with the nitty-gritty details when you can hire an HOA management company to help you. Still, it’s important to understand that not all management service providers are created equal. Here are the qualities to look for when you hire an HOA management company.

The Company’s Services Match Your Needs

You want to relinquish the hard parts of running an HOA to an experienced company. However, don’t assume that every service provider offers what you need. Instead, ask the companies you’re considering hiring to provide you with a detailed outline of their services.

Here are the types of things you can expect from Tidewater Property Management:

  • Collect dues, pay invoices, and keep records of all transactions for auditing purposes.
  • Advise HOA board members on how to enforce rules and policies, develop an annual budget, and ensure the HOA operates as regulations require.
  • Communicate with residents to convey rules, covenants, restrictions, and guidelines as well as resolve complaints from community members.
  • Solicit and select vendors, including trash haulers, landscape maintenance providers, and repair crews.
  • Visit the community to review property conditions and attend board meetings.

If your HOA has unique requirements, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The Company’s History Matches Your Expectations

As with any service provider, you want to ensure your HOA management company is experienced and qualified. This means having several years of experience and plenty of satisfied customers.

At Tidewater, we have years of experience offering exceptional customer service to community members looking for HOA management assistance. We continually meet or exceed our customers’ expectations with top-notch services and cost-effective rates.

The Company Is Up to Date on the Latest Laws & Regulations

The purpose of hiring an HOA management company is to make your life easier. This is only the case if the company is familiar with laws and regulations related to your homeowner association. If a lawsuit or tax audit occurs, you want to place your full confidence in your management company.

HOA laws are constantly changing, but we stay up-to-date with them so you don’t have to. We share our knowledge during board meetings to ensure all the decisions you make for your community are in line with applicable legalities. Then, we’ve got your back if you come under fire for any particular decision.

The Company Mirrors Your HOA’s Values and Cultures

You want a management company that shares the ideologies of your community residents. Before hiring a company, discuss their core values. At Tidewater, we value community, transparent communication, and authenticity.

The Company Charges a Competitive Rate

After meeting your expectations in all other ways, a good price is the final quality to look for in the HOA management company you hire. Remember, striking the best deal isn’t as important as making sure you’ve found a reputable company that has your community’s best interests at heart.

Tidewater is pleased to offer a high return on investment for HOAs by providing all the top-quality services you need at a cost-effective rate.

Hire an HOA Management Company in MD, DC, or VA

When it comes to managing homeowner associations, no one does it better than Tidewater Property Management. Hand over the day-to-day responsibilities of running an HOA to our experienced team so you can enjoy living in your beautiful community to the fullest.

To learn more about Tidewater, or to request our HOA management services, pleaseĀ contact usĀ today!