How to Choose a Condominium Association Management Company

If you’re on a condo owner association’s (COA) Board of Directors, you may find it difficult to manage meetings, handle legal issues, and arrange property maintenance. With a condo association management company by your side, you can keep the decision-making power in your community while handing over the stressful aspects of serving as a board member.

Tidewater Property Management could be the perfect condo association manager for your needs. But don’t take our word for it. Use these tips to help you choose a qualified company to manage your COA.

Find Out About the Company’s Experience

The amount of time a management company has been in business tells you whether they’ve had a chance to prove themselves. Then, the number of condo associations they manage indicates how large the company is. Both factors are good indicators of the company’s experience, so inquire about both.

At Tidewater, we have been in business since 1989 serving as a condo association management company. We oversee many condo associations in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, offering top-notch services and great attention to detail.

Ask About Accreditation

Anyone can claim to be a reputable condo association management company, but only a highly experienced and qualified one can receive formal accreditation. Make sure the company you hire has earned some kind of professional recognition to distinguish them from others in the industry.

Tidewater is proud to be recognized as an Accredited Association Management Company, an elite designation that only about 150 management companies have in the US. This is the highest level of professional recognition in the industry.

Make Sure the Company Offers the Services You Need

One of the biggest reasons to hire a condo association manager is to ease your burdens as a COA board member, so consider the responsibilities you would like extra help managing. The company you hire is only worthwhile if they can meet these needs.

At Tidewater, we act as a voice for your residents and the Board of Directors. We help you make and carry out the right decisions for your community by offering services you can tailor to meet your needs. Decide which of the following you want to have performed automatically or as requested:

  • Meeting management
  • Governance and legal issues management
  • Financial controls management
  • Risk and insurance management
  • Property maintenance management
  • Contracting management
  • Human resources management

Inquire About COA Management Software

With access to a web-based association management solution, running your COA becomes more streamlined, both for your fellow board members and the condo owners in your community. Make sure the condo association manager you hire offers access to such software as part of their services.

When you choose to work with Tidewater, you gain access to SenEarthCo, a solution that simplifies communication between condo owners, property managers, board members, and service providers. Everything from management solutions to accounting services to property information is available on the web-based platform in real time.

Hire a Condo Association Management Company in Maryland, Virginia & DC

If you serve as a board member of your condo community, Tidewater is here to ease your burdens and help the Board of Directors look good. Let us help you meet the needs of your COA while removing the stress and headaches that make your job hard. Contact us today to learn more about our services!