5 Ways to Build a Buyers List for Flipped Homes


empty list on paper

Building a real estate investor buyers list for flipped homes is important for profits. There are a number of strategies and techniques used to make money in real estate investing; however, the most important one is maintaining a list of buyers. This buyers list can yield your buyer very quickly, and your holding costs will be much lower by selling the property faster.

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Here Are 5 Ways to Grow Your Buyers List:

Facebook Groups

Facebook is a great platform for growing a buyers list. There are various Facebook groups with agents who offer excellent opportunities for spreading your brand and establishing a successful real estate business. By participating in Facebook groups of real estate professionals, you can gain from their valuable insights and develop your business to take it to the next level.

Work with Local Realtors

Working with local realtors is another great way to grow your buyers list. Local realtors will know people who buy rental homes, and they can help you to get flipped homes shown to people who would buy the property for cash (for rental purposes).


Signs are one of the most common ways of growing a buyers list. Putting up signs around the community reading “We buy ugly houses,” “Cash for houses,” etc. will give your brand immediate attention.

Digital Marketing

A great way to grow your buyers list in today’s digital age is through digital marketing. Through websites, social media, pay-per-click (PPC), and other online advertisements, you can market quickly and efficiently online.

Email Marketing

Once you’ve grown a substantial buyers list, a great way to retain the list is through email marketing. By sending out frequent emails to your buyers list, you can obtain buyers for properties quicker.

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