What’s a Motion?

A motion is a proposal that the association’s membership take action or a position on a specific topic or issue. The following are six types of motions anyone who is a member can make at an association membership meeting:

  1. Main motions introduce a specific topic for consideration and cannot be made while another motion is before the group.
  2. Subsidiary motions amend or change how to handle a motion that’s already being considered. A subsidiary motion is voted on before the motion it affects is voted on.
  3. Privileged motions represent urgent or important matters that take precedence over regular or pending business.
  4. Incidental motions are responses to procedure and must be considered before a main motion.
  5. Reconsidered motions generally are brought up when there is no other pending business so that the membership can revisit an unresolved issue.
  6. A pending motion is one that has been stated by the chair but has not yet been brought to a vote.