How Do I Get My Home Ready to Be Rented?

Are you eager to try your hand at being a landlord? Before you show your home to prospective new tenants, it’s important to make sure the property is ready to rent. Your goal is to impress applicants as they tour the home and ensure no additional maintenance or repairs will be needed within the first few months of new renters moving in.

How to Get a Home Ready to Be Rented

Follow these eight steps:

  • Change the locks: It’s vital to ensure the security of tenants while they stay in your house. Re-key all exterior doors, change the garage door access code, and reset the security alarm. Issue new keys for mailboxes, backyard gates, outdoor sheds, and other locks as well. Then, make sure you have all keys and codes provided by the HOA for access to community fitness rooms, pools, and gates.
  • Clean the carpets and the rest of the interior: Hire a professional to steam clean the carpet before each new tenant moves in. Clean the rest of the interior yourself (or hire a professional) to make the house as spotless as possible. Don’t overlook unusual areas, such as dirt on the baseboards and cobwebs on the ceiling.
  • Clean the windows and replace broken screens: New tenants undoubtedly want a clear view of the outside, not to mention functional windows and sliding doors. Clean the glass inside and out, put in new screens, and vacuum dirt from window and door tracks to help them slide more easily.
  • Do a little landscaping: Curb appeal is a huge aspect of attracting a new tenant. Shortly before a showing, mow the lawn, trim shrubs, pull weeds, and plant flowers (if the season is right). Make sure the sprinkler system is working as well. To avoid false advertising, remove any flower pots, yard furniture, and garden decorations you don’t plan on leaving for the tenant’s use.
  • Replace the air filter: Give your renter a fresh start with a clean air filter. You might also want to vacuum return and supply registers, or even have the ductwork cleaned if it’s been a few years since you had this done.
  • Check appliances and fixtures: Make sure all appliances that come with the rental are in good working order. Test all fixtures as well, including faucets, showerheads, lights, ceiling fans, and ventilation systems. Replace any burned out light bulbs you come across, including those located outside.
  • Hire a pest control company: Look carefully for signs of pests, including wasp nests, ant hills, and damaged siding. Even if you don’t notice a pest problem, it’s still wise to spray for insects during this vacancy period. Preventative treatment can help stop bug infestations before they begin.
  • Repair cosmetic damage: Check the walls for nail holes or other damage and patch them up. Apply a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color. Replace any stained or overly worn carpet, and fix or replace damaged tile throughout the house.

Need Help Managing a Rental Property in Maryland?

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