What’s the Best HOA Management Software in DC?

When you have a homeowner association (HOA) to run, it’s great to get a little extra help from an HOA management software. Various platforms are available today, but which one is the best? In 2014, Tidewater Property Management launched SenEarthCo, a solution designed to simplify financial services, administrative tasks, and maintenance associated with running an HOA. Consider the benefits of SenEarthCo that make it the best HOA management software available to community associations in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

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HOA Management Software That Is 100% Web-Based

With their unique ID and password, homeowners and board members can access all information and documents posted on SenEarthCo 24/7 and from anywhere. Updates appear in real time to keep everyone on the same page about community happenings. Not only does this convey information faster to residents and other homeowners, but it also allows you to go paperless, a money-saving and eco-friendly decision for your community.

Options for Homeowners Who Don’t Own Computers

The smart functionality of SenEarthCo means it automatically senses when a user hasn’t set up an email account, creating hard copies of any correspondences addressed to that recipient. This makes it easy for you to drop off handouts so no one in your community gets left behind, even those who prefer not to use computers.

Account Security for Homeowners & HOA Board Members

Online access to community information is convenient, but there’s always a security concern. To ensure your account credentials remain safe, SenEarthCo features 128-bit encryption, an up-to-date firewall, and spam filtering features. Your data never leaves the secure SenEarthCo system, and nothing is accessible to a third party without your express permission.

Easy to Customize

SenEarthCo is built with user-friendliness in mind, granting you instant access to default user roles upon signing in for the first time. Still, it’s possible to customize these roles to meet the needs of your community.

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Useful for Homeowners

Homeowners who log in to SenEarthCo can do the following:

  • Access their account status.
  • View a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Manage their accounts—no phone calls or printed reports necessary.
  • Search association rules and regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Reserve the pool, meeting room, tennis courts, or other association amenities.
  • Request maintenance services.
  • View meeting minutes and newsletters.

HOA Management Software That Works for Board Members

The system is also useful for board members, who can use SenEarthCo to do the following:

  • Receive notifications as soon as new management reports are ready to view.
  • Track current violations among homeowners.
  • Simplify minute-taking at board meetings, either by using a built-in template or tracking minutes offline and uploading them later.
  • View past meeting minutes, agendas, and management reports.
  • See assessment account status in real time.
  • Provide online access to association events.
  • Communicate with homeowners via email or hard copy, depending on their chosen format.
  • Contract with preferred and approved vendors.

Work With Tidewater Property Management & Gain Access to SenEarthCo

It’s clear that no other HOA management software works as hard as SenEarthCo to remove the burden of serving on the board of directors. Tidewater is proud to offer this web-based solution to customers who hire us for community association management services in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

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