So who is “G”? (pt. 3)

Tidewater Property Management, Inc. is owned and operated by Stanley and Marc Greenberg, and it was built on the foundation of personal customer service for community associations – slightly different from the rental property management with which I had more experience, but definitely as interesting and intruiging.   I found that the knowledge I already had about Real Estate and property management was a solid basis for  learning about master and sub-associations, community budgets, ARCs, turnover meetings (and I can go on and on), which I did as the father-and-son’s administrative assistant.

As these new terms and concepts became second nature to me, I was offered a new opportunity as Tidewater’s Director of Operations and Marketing.  In this role, I started building close relationships with the vendors that supported our communities and our clients themselves.  I met with current and potential clients and studied the qualities of a property management company that were truly important to them.  It was easy to implement systems that focused on enhancing the services we provide because the foundation had already been set.  The management style with which Stanley and Marc (and the property managers, accounting, and administrative staff they trained) approached our clients was one of genuine personal customer service – anything and everything is done with one question in mind – what would we want if we were the customer?  Quick response times, a strong and apparent presence in the community, proactive collection of fees, conservative spending, creative planning, advice based on knowledge and experience all come to mind.

Similar to the way they treat their customers, the familial environment that Stanley and Marc provide within the office itself makes Tidewater my “home away from home”, where my co-workers have become my closest of friends and my employers have become as close to me as family.  We work together as a team day in and day out to provide the best service to our clients in a place where business does get personal – you can’t provide good property management otherwise.  By the same token, the “personal”  becomes part of business within the Tidewater family itself.  Stanley and Marc have remained steadfast in providing for us, our futures, and our own families with generous benefits that we enjoy today and that will pay off in the future.

At Tidewater (where we have monthly barbecues and daily motivational sessions, where I get a call from my employers to see how I am feeling when I am sick, where my co-workers take part in my sons’ birthday celebrations, and where I can take my sons to work when they don’t have school), my two separate love stories of family and property management intertwined.