Executive Profiles

How Many People Does it Take to Put Progress in Motion?

At Tidewater, there’s no magic number. We’ve grown from just a handful of employees at inception, to several corporate branches of The Tidewater Companies today, and the one constant that keeps us moving is teamwork.
No matter how large the Tidewater team grows, we will always respect the trust you put in us, and insist on preserving that (seemingly antiquated in other companies) personal service to each of our clients and communities.
Making progress means using technology to increase our face-to-face communication with clients, and not becoming one of those “faceless” companies. When you join Tidewater as a client, our team becomes YOUR team.

Meet Our Executive Team

Overseeing all of our skilled and experienced team members throughout The Tidewater Companies is our Executive Team. With a combined experience of several decades, Stanley Greenberg, Marc Greenberg, and Gianna Rahmani progressively lead The Tidewater Companies in evolving higher standards for the collective industry.

Executive Profiles:

Stanley B. Greenberg

President and CEO

A Maryland native, Stanley Greenberg founded Tidewater in 1989. He didn’t stray far from his alma mater, the University of Baltimore, where he graduated with a degree in accounting. A later degree in engineering rounds out Stanley’s expertise.

After auditing for the City of Baltimore and years of practical experience managing thirty shopping centers, Stanley opened Tidewater Property Management. What started life as a home-grown property management firm, was destined to grow into a full-service Real Estate company.

Stanley provides leadership to the Property Management, Maintenance and Realty Group divisions of The Tidewater Companies, and still acts as a Community Association Manager. He’s also dedicated to preserving Tidewater communities’ best interests and putting Progress in Motion by working with builders and developers, formulating governing documents, developing budgets, and setting up associations throughout the state.

While Stanley and the team remain the utmost professionals in their responsibilities, Stanley also ensures that his employees enjoy their work environment. His favorite aspect of The Tidewater culture is the balance between “working hard and having fun.”

Stanley’s commitment to the industry and the community extends into his personal life. He serves on the Board of the Fallston Commons Condominium Association, and has served as a board member of several charitable organizations, in addition to contributing to several charities and community events as a way of “giving back” to the community.

When work is done, Stanley enjoys basking leisurely in the Florida sun, and enjoying precious time with his family.

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Marc I. Greenberg

Sr. Vice President and COO

A graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, Marc brought years of Real Estate investment experience to Tidewater when he joined the company in 1997.

By overseeing company-wide operations and strategic planning initiatives, Marc contributes valuable insight to all facets of The Tidewater Companies. He also still acts as a Community Association Manager and advises clients and property managers on a daily basis.

With a passion for helping his clients and communities prosper, Marc plans to continue putting Progress in Motion within the Property Management, Maintenance, and Realty Group divisions of Tidewater. Gaining the industry’s highest designations gives Tidewater’s executives the notability to do so.

Marc is a member of the industry’s most elite group, having earned the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®) designation. He is also recognized as an Association Management Specialist (AMS®) and a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®). In addition, he serves as a board member of the Fallston Commons Condominium Association.

The unique qualities that each Tidewater employee contributes to the company create the team culture that Marc cherishes the most. He adds that “learning from experiences and overcoming the challenges of our industry” are the rewards of the job.

When free time permits, Marc has been spotted releasing stress at tee time on the golf course. But after a long day on the job, there is nothing more Marc looks forward to most than coming home to his family.

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Gianna M. Rahmani

Vice President

Always a Marylander at heart, Gianna Rahmani relocated to the West Coast for her post-secondary schooling at the University of California-Berkeley and Heald College. Gianna eventually headed back home, landing nearby to her native Howard County, MD when she joined Tidewater in 2007.

Beginning her journey as a licensed Real Estate agent in California, Gianna has worked in the property management field since 2001. She spent her formative years gaining experience as an Escrow Coordinator, Realtor, and Property Manager. After working for one of the big-name realty franchise companies, Gianna decided to make the switch to the more personal service-oriented Tidewater.

Pursuant upon furthering her professional expertise, Gianna has earned the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®), Association Management Specialist (AMS®), and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) designations. She is also a licensed Maryland Real Estate agent.

As VP, Gianna implements her insight and experience into the Property Management, Maintenance, and Realty Group divisions of The Tidewater Companies’ everyday operations. Putting Progress in Motion, she contributes to the company’s business development and strategic planning initiatives, including marketing, IT, and Tidewater’s website development and administration.

But what Gianna considers her most important role is client retention. She feels personally vested in ensuring that each of Tidewater’s clients and communities prospers. For Gianna, this promise of dedication means never having to sell Tidewater’s services. “I just tell people what we do and how we do it, and Tidewater sells itself,” she says.

The family atmosphere that resonates throughout the company is what gets Gianna to come to work every day, while working for and representing a company that puts out a truly great product is what keeps her here.

Gianna can also be found leading the CAI Membership Committee, bringing colleagues together as a CAI Golf Committee Member, and was most notably named CAI’s “2011 Rising Star.” Gianna also sits on the Board of Directors for the Fallston Commons Condominium Association.

Come play time, Gianna enjoys anything active and outdoors with her husband and two boys. Camping and fishing, softball, volleyball, and golf are all family favorite past-times

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